We manufacture high quality tension wheels for metal strapping/banding tools.

OEM’s and repair shops alike can benefit from our wide selection of wheels with precision ground teeth (not milled) that offer the best grip possible and long lasting durability of a tool steel core. Popular items are kept in stock for quick delivery for brands such as Acme, Fromm, and Signode just to name a few.



5172015-OH, 5425008-PHDX, 5169015-OL, 5456030-PCX, 5441212


A33-3133, A33-3143, A28-2211


CXBF-721206, CXBF-721305, CXBF-721404, CXBF-721503, CXBF-5746969, CXAF-692128, CXAF-696905, CXAF-699008, CXAF-699024


M1300-12, M1400-1, M1430-13, M1610/1620-18


6564-AM, 20517-PFH, 423398-PN2, 23016-PNSC, 3482-ST, 3452-T, 173348-TH, 422472-PNSC II, 423398-PN OS, 423566-PRHM, 114-AHP, 114-FN


** Not all items are available for direct sale, see preferred distributors.

*** Minimum order requirements apply